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The Uhoda Collection as seen by Louise van Reeth in Pollen Magazine

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

This month, we appeared in Pollen Magazine. It published a story on the Uhoda family as part of its focus on the city of Liège.


The Uhoda Collection

We are finally headed to the Liège offices of the Uhoda group, where we will be discovering an art collection, amassed over time, by the two Uhoda brothers, Stéphan and Georges.

‘My passion for art came to me through my brother, Georges, who began collecting and visiting exhibitions and art galleries at a young age.’

Georges: ‘Being close to so many gallery owners and personalities from the art world, I had the chance to meet and get to know numerous artists like Sol Lewitt, Gilbert & George, and even James Turrell, which made certain acquisitions easier and from our perspective, gave them extra-special meaning.’

Stéphan: ‘I work a fair bit on impulse. The company collection is born of our sensitivities, interests and our curiosity; sometimes it’s been influenced by the phases of my professional life.’

The diversity of the mediums, the styles and the artistic currents represented is impressive.

Attesting to this is the presence of the names of artists who have played a part in in the evolution of the history of art are also to be seen. Among them, for example, Bernd and Hilla Becher, and Thomas Ruff from the Düsseldorf school, artists from the Arte Povera movement including Gilberto Zorio, Jannis Kounellis and Claudio Parmiggiani, artists from the conceptual and minimalist art movement such as Sol Lewitt, Daniel Buren and Olivier Mosset, as well as Marthe Wéry, Guillaume Bijl, Michel François and many other young creators with promising futures.

Contemporary African artists, such as Samuel Fosso, El Anatsui, Chéri Samba, Abdel Abdessemed and Kader Attia, Tandiwe Muriu, plus Derrick O. Boateng, are also well represented and complete the relief of this collection. The collection can be visited. It is definitively linked to our different contemporary worlds. The full article in Pollen Magazine is here.


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