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A new site for the Uhoda Collection

In the spirit of sharing and communicating, the Uhoda Collection has set up a new website, a platform that keeps you informed about loans, exhibitions and all other news.

Amassed piece by piece since the 1970s, this collection now includes several hundred works of art. Its founders, Stéphan and Georges Uhoda, have pursued eclecticism and diversity, with multiple styles, mediums and origins present in the collection. This range reflects the complexity of the modern world and the artistic environment.

The meeting of different styles is at the heart of the acquisition process Stéphan and Georges Uhoda employ. Experience, share, discover, and get to know … A process extending across five decades that has been carried out with the artists and other players in the art market! This support for culture and creators plays an important role in the approach taken by the brothers for the collection.

With a view to sharing this passion, this site offers a window into the artists and the works that make up the collection. Far from being complete, it shares examples, little by little, most notably on the White Cube page, a sort of summary in a state of perpetual change.

Along with this communication, an attempt has been made to inventory and research the collection, while optimising its conservation at the same time. The intention is to provide a set of professional tools for its management and valorisation. The storage space, conditioning, prevention, documentation … Everything is currently underway.

Collecting is about discovering, experimenting, sharing and producing knowledge...


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