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In perpetual movement, the Uhoda Collection is revealed, piece by piece, in a display window on the Rue St. Paul, in the heart of Liège.

White Cube Samuel FOSSO 2024-03-14 _JLD0197 HDef.jpg


From 15 March until 30 April 2024

Léopold Sédar Senghor (Serie African Spirits), 2008

Samuel Fosso, Cameroun 1962

Film photography, 180 x 135 cm

‘...As in all my works, I am both the character and the director. I do not put myself in the photographs: my work is based on specific situations and characters with whom I am familiar, things that I desire, that I elaborate on in my imagination, and that I then interpret. I borrow an identity. To succeed in this, I immerse myself in the necessary physical and mental state. It’s a way of escaping from myself. A lonely passage. I am a lonely man.’ Samuel Fosso


In his series African Spirits (2008), Fosso continued to transform his appearance by impersonating fourteen emblematic figures from the civil rights movement in the United States. Here, he is impersonating Léopold Sédar Senghor.

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