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Aline Bouvy, Cruising Bye, MAC’S, Grand Hornu, 27/02/22 > 18/09/22

Updated: May 6, 2022

For Cruising Bye, an exhibition by Aline Bouvy at the MAC'S, Uhoda Collection has the pleasure to lend an artwork from the artist: Splendeur et Décadence des Sirènes. The exhibition is open until the 18th of September at the Grand Hornu. Not to be missed!

« As its title Cruising Bye suggests, Aline Bouvy’s exhibition at the MACS is presented as a form of loitering, in that it is as much about sexual vagrancy and police patrols as stray dogs and queer flirtations. On the horizon of this poetic, transgressive deviation, we spy the utopia of a fluid sexuality which the visual artist assimilates less with pragmatic LGBT activism than an ongoing critique of the aesthetic and health codes which society uses to keep our bodies in check and contains its desires. Anticipating the end of mortifying inhibitions, her artistic approach undertakes an unbridled eroticisation of our environment by incorporating rundown materials, decadent postures, disused land and invalid organs. Her multidisciplinary palette, alternating thermoformed plexiglas, inlaid linoleums and remote- controlled vehicles, surprises the public through its infringement of good taste and its disregard for taboos. Through its references to Clarism, a transgender mystical movement founded in the 1920 by the German artist Elisarion, Aline Bouvy also revisits the slow, utopian trajectory of a culture that is turning away from the dominant models of patriarchy and heteronormativity. Reaching beyond the norms of bourgeois morality and the boundaries of political correctness, her works even wave them an insolent bye bye in passing, signalling an irreversible mutation of society. A veritable ode to freedom, Aline Bouvy’s exhibition Cruising Bye thus takes on the poetic appearance of a “wild parade” in which a procession of androgynous police officers (complete with sirens) appears alongside a witches’ Sabbath (under belladonna).

Occupying the entire large hall of the MACS, Potential for Shame (2022) is the augmented version of the installation Splendeur et Décadence des Sirènes which Aline Bouvy created in 2020 for NEW SPACE in Liège, then subsequently presented at the Kunsthal in Ghent. Produced in collaboration with Julien Bouille for the robotic programming and Pierre Dozin for the sound composition, this project, which notably received production assistance from the museum, is presented as a form of subversive theatre or grotesque arena where repressed sexualities meet authoritarian figures. The public can choose to mingle with the scene or leave it by taking their place on the stage.»

More info on MAC’S website !


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